Sponsor Registration

Thanks for your interest in participating in Radiate Live produced festivals! We are very excited to have you at our events! Please fill out all details regarding your involvement. Please email [email protected] with questions or concerns.

- If you are selling your products at the event, you are responsible to fill out city/county vendor paperwork and pay your taxes after the event.
- You are responsible for any vendor fees due to the county/city before and after the event and failure to pay fees or taxes will result in expulsion from future Radiate Live events.
- All sales/tax paperwork must be completed with the city or with Kara ([email protected]) no later than 2 weeks prior to the event date.

Load-in instructions will be sent out BY EVENT. Each event will have different load - in hours and they must be adhered to.

- Bring as many promotional items as you want – anything except cups/glasses/bottles, etc… - Only Festival glassware/tasters are permitted at the event
- Each vendor/sponsor is allotted a 10x10 space at the event unless you specifically state that you need additional space.
- You must bring your own tent, table, chairs & promotional materials
- Tents must have one 40-pound weight per leg (160 pounds total) per Fire Code for these WINDY towns. No staking. Weights must be suspended off the ground & secured from the top of the tent. Best solutions are: Cam Straps & Tent Weights. Please prepare ahead of time for this so the Fire Marshall doesn’t shut you down before the event. SEE TENT POLICY BELOW.

- Please plan to staff your own booth; there will not be event staff on-site to do so. The more interactive you are at your booth, the better your day will be!

The sponsor payment policy is that at least 50% of the payment must be made upon signing the contract & the remaining 50% must be made at least 60 days prior to the event date. If the client signs on within the 60-day window, the full 100% payment is required to confirm their sponsorship.

Payment in the form of a credit card can be paid online at: AlwaysMountainTime.com/paynow
Checks can be mailed to -
PO Box 911579
Denver, CO 80291-1579

If a vendor cancels their contract for any reason before 60 days prior to the event, they will receive a refund minus a $50 processing fee. If any cancellation is made by your business for any reason less than 60 days prior to an event, there will be no refunds.

If the Event Organizer cancels the event for any reason, including acts of God, they will perform their best due diligence to reschedule the event within a convenient time frame in the 2023 calendar year. If they can find a date that works within reason, they will reschedule your event confirmation. If they cannot, your payment can be used towards 1) the following year's event; 2) an advertising schedule on any AMT Radio Station, or 3) can be refunded if no other solution can be agreed on between both parties.

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